30 Years Experience

The Global Education & Training Exhibition (GETEX) is the largest, most comprehensive forum for education, corporate training and career development in the Middle East. Committed to education in the UAE since 1983, GETEX has made its mark as the leading education and training event in the region and an integral part of the education industry itself. 


GETEX (Global Education and Training Exhibition) returns in Spring, offering education institutes and professional training providers the opportunity to drive up enrollment and reach out to the next batch of aspiring students. GETEX will help you engage your target audience, laying the groundwork for successful student conversions and increased marketing visibility. Capitalize from the smart recruitment template that GETEX has been providing exhibitors for over three decades. Every year, the Exhibition attracts over 35,000 local and expatriate students who are at the threshold of college life and actively looking for higher education, professional development and training options.

At GETEX, the focus is on:


Admission is FREE. All visitors must register their attendance at the entrance of the exhibition hall. Invitations may be obtained in advance from the organizers and the organiser reserves to right to refuse entry to individuals, at their discretion.