Stand Options

The smallest available stand size is 3 metres x 3 metres i.e 9 sq.m., increasing to 3m x 4m, 3m x 5m, 3m x 6m etc. Other standard configurations are also available with 4m, 5m and 6m depth. Double corner configurations are available for a minimum booking of  24 sq.m.

Exhibitors can book either of the following options:

Space Only

Space Only stands are available in prime locations inside the exhibition hall dependant on the area you require. You must build your own stand and provide all your own components (including wall panels, lighting, electrics, signage, floor covering / platform, furniture etc) and arrange for electrical-mains supply through the official Stand Fitting contractor. The relevant forms are in the Exhibitor Manual which will be supplied to you after you have confirmed your participation at the exhibition.

Shell Scheme​

Shell Scheme entitles you to a built-up stand that includes wall panels, a fascia with company name and stand number, carpets, lighting and power points. Furniture such as tables and chairs are not included in the Shell Scheme and can be ordered separately. Further details on furniture and display aids will be provided in the Exhibitor Manual.


GETEX is the region’s most powerful marketing platform for student recruitment and has been instrumental in the placement of tens of thousands of students from across the Middle East, North Africa and the Asian sub-continent to over 80 education destinations all the way from North America, across Europe through Asia and Australia.

GETEX is the Middle East and Asia’s most powerful platform for student recruitment. Consider the facts:

  • Drawing on its experience from being in the market for 30 years, GETEX has established a reliable network with schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions an ongoing relationship with the ever-evolving student community in the region.
  • Last edition of GETEX saw close to 30,000 learners across all age groups interact with over 350 regional and international education providers.
  • GETEX boasts of an exhibitor retention rate of 75+ percent year on year which is indicative of its success as an effective student placement event.
  • GETEX targets different student groups based on the courses on offer at the event and has a commendable rate of conversion from student enquiry to enrollment.
  • School managements, faculty and parents use GETEX as an information source as they chalk out study options for their wards. Over 900 faculty members visited GETEX in 2023.
  • GETEX maintains close links with the corporate world and  regularly hosts seminars and presentations on topics that bridge  education with industry.
  • Of the 28,000 students graduating from the 380 high schools in UAE each year, 65% move out of the country for their undergraduate/further education.
  • Over 35,000 visitors are expected to visit GETEX 2023.
  • The GETEX Counsellors Forum was attended by 102 career advisory counsellors from 29 high schools across the Arab World.